Hunter Vale Corgi Puppies AKC

Our Hunter Vale Hannah had a beautiful litter of six puppies.  Hunter Vale Prince Ferghus is the sire.

“Annie” sold to the May family

“Isabella” sold to Kobie and Nancy


“Jasmine”  sold to Ken and his family

Sold to the Kubick family

“Tallulah” pending



Our HunterVale Leeloo and Hunter Vale Prince Ferghus had a litter August 1.  Photos are on the right side of the page.

“Ashton” tri male sold Thanks to the Heffner’s on their second Hunter Vale Corgi

“Rupert” tri male sold Thanks to the Willis’

“Gemma” sold to Marie in Quesbec. Congrats Marie!




“Delilah” female tri color SOLD to the Russo’s